Vibe Check Survey

Dynamic React Survey

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A dynamic survey application that inquires about and responds to a user's emotional vibration based on the user's input.
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Problem to solve

Everybody experiences self-doubt, loneliness, and the need for validation from time to time. Some people journal for this purpose and others don’t due to not feeling comfortable having a journal, or even journaling in general.


This application allows users to quickly journal on the go, possibly without feeling self-conscious about it as well, by offering a simple prompting survey to fill out that will allow them to easily track their previous logs and continue on with their day after recieving a heart warming and acknowledging message upon submission of their form.


This is an improvement to a previous static survey that I developed, now that I have stronger programming skills I have decided to make this a dynamic application. This is also an ongoing project, and I intend to add authentication with protected routed for authorization, as well as a database that will allow the user to also save and log their previous experiences to keep records of over time.

How to use

Fill in the input fields on the form and click the submit button, this will display a modal that will respond to the information that you have just filled out.